Bomber Eyewear

Bomber Eyewear

Bomber Eyewear
Pam with her new Butter-Bombs sunglasses

“Taking your eyewear to the next level…”

Good sunglasses are an essential piece of equipment that every angler should have, however sorting through the list of features can be daunting.

In the market for a new pair, I knew I wanted:

Protection from UVA and UVB rays

Why? Frequent exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun contributes to eye diseases, including cataracts, growths that can lead to cancer, and macular degeneration.

Polarized lenses

Why? Light waves are reflected off of water (or any shiny surface) in a horizontal pattern, which creates a blinding glare and can result in eye strain. Polarized lenses contain filters that block horizontal light waves. Removing that glare can also help with everything from spotting paddies offshore to being able to see structure under the water, and identify where an underwater kelp line runs.

Lens Color

Recommendations are generally grey (or “smoke”) for bright offshore conditions, and brown for overcast conditions. For all around saltwater fishing, brown works in most conditions.

 Wrap Around Style

Why? This semi-round frame style allows a panorama view of your surroundings, offering greater peripheral vision, while providing additional protection from exposure to UV rays from the sides, essential elements for those of us spending a lot of time in sun.

I had the opportunity to “test drive” a pair of Bomber Sunglasses, and the Butter-Bombs I picked satisfied all of the features listed above.

For me, the biggest problem with wrap around style glasses is that they always seem to fit too close to my eyes, and my eyelashes brush against the lenses. It’s not really uncomfortable, but it’s annoying. This was the first pair I’ve found that I did NOT have this problem with!

I found these glasses to be very comfortable.  The lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays.  The wrap around style prevents light and damaging rays from coming in from the side, top and bottom, and also minimizes the effect of the wind, both of which can be irritating on your eyes.   Plus they have a few extra features that I wasn’t looking for (features vary by models):

They float!

Bomber Floating Sunglasses include patented foam linings that not only make these glasses float, but also provides for a snug fit and extra comfort for longer wear.


It’s been a warm season. Glasses that fit snug to your face and sweaty conditions can conspire to make glasses fog and impair your view.  These lenses are specially treated to resist fogging.

Safety glass

While I don’t plan to get hit in the face with anything, it could be a nice feature with jig fishermen around!  Better yet, if you work in an environment that requires safety glasses, Bomber Eyewear’s safety glass is impact tested, OSHA approved and meet ANSI Z87+ standards.

All in all, these are a great pair of sunglasses, and at a great price!

Check out Bomber Eyewear web site for a huge selection of styles and colors!


Electra (Reviewed 9/13/14)


Electra's huge bow area
Electra’s huge bow area

Size: 75’ x 22’

Capacity: 35 people

Electra Bunkroom
Electra Bunkroom

Bunks: 35 (in open berthing) – approximately 70” long and rather narrow.

Galley: Seats about 20 (12 indoors and 8 outdoors on a sun deck).

Heads: 2 (one with a shower). Heads are forward and accessed by walking up the rail outside the house near the bow.

Electra Galley
Electra Galley

Landing: Helgren’s Sportfishing

Address: 315 Harbor Drive South, Oceanside, CA

Contact: (760) 722-2133

Parking: Free. Large public lot across the street.

Some details and additional information:

Hand wells around the bait tank are easy to get to, and a good size to be able to easily grab a bait. They do tend to splash over in rougher conditions, so you don’t want to be standing beside then when the boat rolls.

Electra outdoor seating
Electra outdoor seating

There are two stairways from the back deck into the bunkroom. The center bunks are open, two side by side, with a low board between them. Outside bunks are the same size.

The heads are large. One of them is equipped with a shower. There’s plenty of room to change, but the shower is exposed to the entire room. Bring a plastic bag to store your clothes while you shower.

Fish are stored in gunny sacks, and tagged and dropped in the hold between bites.


Electra – Oceanside – September 13, 2014 – Overnight, escape the HEAT!

Record heat in Southern California this week conspired to make everyone miserable, and make me almost appreciate my air conditioned office job.

Electra 9-13-2014
Electra 9-13-2014

So I was thrilled when we got a late invite from Captain Joey Helgren to join a charter group on the Electra for a light load.

After an easy drive to Oceanside (school’s back in – less traffic?), Danny and I grabbed a couple of appetizer plates at Joes Crab Shack. Then we unloaded our gear and I parked in the lot across the street. It was my first time using that lot. It’s huge, nicely laid out, and very well lit. I scored a spot right next to handicapped area, so it was a quick walk back.

(Note that the exit to the parking lot drops you off back by the freeway on ramp, and it’s around the block the long way (several left turns) back to Helgren’s if you’re picking people up again.)

We got our gear on the boat and I picked a bunk close to the doors. There’s no A/C and it was warm down there! All the other passengers boarded and signed in, and we rolled away from the dock with only 19 anglers.

The Oceanside 95 had just come in with over 200 fish from a 2-day, and we headed out to the same area they had fished off of San Clemente Island. Loaded with some nicer looking sardines, we headed out in windy conditions and pretty rough seas, knowing at least it would be downhill all the way back Saturday afternoon.

Trolling at sunrise on the Electra
Trolling at sunrise on the Electra

The sun rose on less than ideal conditions. We trolled around all morning, stopped on a few meter marks, a couple of jig strikes.

By late morning we had just 4 or 5 yellowfin, and a few rat yellows that were too beat up from troll jigs to throw back.

Yellowfin on the Electra
Yellowfin on the Electra

Captain Joey had a line on a spot closer to home where a friend had done well on nice tuna on Friday, so we worked our way back that way through the afternoon, stopping occasionally on a vacant paddy or chasing a spot of birds. It was a long ride with no bites. Even arriving at our destination, there was no signs of life, and no more fish.

Deckhand in training
Deckhand in training

Less than ideal conditions all day made for a very slow day. It was an eclectic group that made for some interesting conversations and a lot of novice and first time anglers that would have made a small group on such a large boat a fun experience if the fish had cooperated.

Hengren’s Sportfishing – Oceanside, CA (Reviewed 9/12/14)

Landing:  Helgren’s Sportfishing

Location:  315 Harbor Drive, Oceanside, California

Contact Number:  (760) 722-2133

Helgren's Office - Tara
Helgren’s Office – Tara

Web Site:


  • Electra                       (75′, sleeps 35)
  • Oceanside 95        (95′, up to 80 passengers, sleeps 35)
  • Sea Trek                   (60′, up to 39 passengers)
  • Sea Star                    (60′, up to 40 passengers)
  • Aries
  • Black Pearl

Parking:  Free parking is available across the street.

Helgren's Sportfishing Office
Helgren’s Sportfishing Office, minimal amount of tackle for sale.

Tackle Store:  No, a very minimal amount of tackle is for sale in the landing office.  Make sure you have everything you need.

Rental Gear:  Available.  Ask when you make your reservation.

Additional Information:

For most trips, you’ll check in at the landing office.

Space is limited for parking close by in a two hour lot.  If you are alone, make sure that you can handle all of your own gear alone, as it is quite a walk from the parking lot to the boarding area.

Tara is in the process of updating Helgren’s website.  A calendar of available trips is up, and on-line booking for trips should be available very soon!!