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Triton to Catalina, one last lobster trip for the season. 3/18/2017

Jim & Girls sandwich
Jim & Girls sandwich

We booked a couple of spots for this trip a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, Danny had to work, so I had to pull his nets too.
Got to the landing, first one there. I stood around for a while and Jim Racela and his friend Lisa showed up next, and finally we had a whole load of us in line and boarded. And we were off, a few minutes ahead of our noon departure, and a couple of minutes behind the Gail Force.
Nice having the bunks on the Triton, I grabbed one and slept most of the way to the island. The rock fishing wasn’t bad, mostly the typical smaller fish, but Captain Shane kept moving us around and we managed to get a few nicer ones. I brought some shrimp to try to get some sheephead, but I only caught little spotted rock fish on them, and finally got one decent sized red on squid. I decided to have Jeff cook up the rest of the shrimp in the galley. Good move!!

Bait… fixed!

Once we drifted closer to sunset the crew dropped the first set. I signed in as number 1 and Danny as 7. We fished while the nets soaked into gray light and then went to pull. I had a cheeseburger while we waited, finished in time for my first pull… Wow, was I getting weak? The net seemed really heavy. No wonder, my first one had 10 lobsters! 6 easily legal, 4 measured were all short. This was looking really good. Number 2 had 7 bugs, 3 legal… it went downhill from there. One or two legal in most nets the first round. Number 7 (Danny’s….. ) was empty.DSCN2797


The nets were reset, we fished a bit more. There was not much biting in the dark. Second pull, my number one net had nothing, number 7 had two shorts. We didn’t get many at all in the second set, and by the time those were all up it was time to head in.
I didn’t get an exact count, I’d guess we ended up with around 35. Lots of fun, stiff this morning. Pulling nets in Long Beach harbor was a lot easier!!
That’s a wrap for me on the lobster season!! Good times!

16 Yellowtail

Triton overnight to Catalina for Quality Yellowtail! 5/24/15

My Yellowtail
My Yellowtail


I had no plans for Memorial Day weekend, and when the rain was dropped from the forecast, I started looking for a good ride sometime over the weekend.

I saw the Triton was doing overnight trips, and grabbed one of the last spots on a trip fishing Sunday.

We left the dock a little late due to one late passenger. We tried unsuccessfully to squeeze him for a round of beers for everyone on board, and we were off to the bait dock. The sardines were lively… and HUGE!! Loaded up, we headed out.

Weighing Jackpot
Weighing Jackpot

Captain Ryan introduced himself and the rest of the crew, second Captain Bryan, Shane and Chuck on deck, and Jeff in the galley. I rigged according to the captain’s recommendation, 4/0 hooks for flylining, and sacked out in my double sized bunk!

We got to the island a little after one, and the crew set out lights to try for squid. They ended up with a few pieces, nothing huge. I’d heard the yellowtail weren’t really eating the squid, they were focused on fin bait. I knew the bass would love them though…

Up at gray light, Captain Ryan made a move and set us up on anchor. The yellowtail started biting almost immediately. We had a steady pick at them for about an hour and a half. Not sure if it was the time of day, or a skiff running over our chum line that shut them down, but by 7:30 it was pretty much over at that spot.

Dad with a yellowtail landed by his son
Dad with a yellowtail landed by his son

I had a breakfast plate while we made a move. A couple of slow spots later, we anchored up on a boiler rock and started a good pick at the calico bass. Most of them were short, but we did pull up a few that were legal. Most of those were returned. The one legal that I got was when I switched from fishing the squid to one of the big sardines, and flylined it way past the rock behind the boat.

Young anger with a sheephead
Young anger with a sheephead

The wind came up in the afternoon, making the boat swing wildly and fishing difficult. A couple of spots produced one more yellowtail each. We picked up a few sheephead and other bottom grabbers on spots set up to fish bass.

We ended up with 16 yellowtail for the 20 passengers. Most of those were good quality fish, in the 15 to 20 pound range. Jackpot was just over 20.

Great way to spend a day!!

Red crabs
Still no shortage of red crabs around